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Immunotherapies for Life

Investor FAQ

On what stock exchange are Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc. shares traded?

YmAbs is a privately held company.

Where is YmAbs's corporate headquarters?

Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc

230 Park Avenue, Suite 3350

New York, NY 10169


Who are the members of YmAbs Board of Directors?

You can view our Board of Directors by visiting the Board of Directors section of our About Us website.

Who are the members of the YmAbs management team?

You can view our management team by visiting the Management section of our About Us website.

When does YmAbs fiscal year end?

31 December

Who are the company's independent registered public accountants?


Does YmAbs pay dividends?

YmAbs does not expect to declare or pay any cash or other dividends on our common stock, as we intend to reinvest cash flow generated by operations in our business.

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